H.D.’s is always looking for the next wearable trend for everyday life.

Change in your style is a constant factor every season in our buying.

We want your H.D.’s items to not only be ahead of the fashion spectrum but endure the test of time.

Who We Are

Harry and Vicki started H.D.’s Clothing Company, an all-cotton men’s/unisex boutique in an artsy area like Melrose Avenue of L.A. in Dallas, Texas on November 21, 1981. The couple’s background extended a total span of 40 years in the retail industry. Harry was a sales representative of the jean giant Brittania Sportswear and Vicki was a buyer for a 35 specialty store chain in Denver, Colorado called Fashion Bar Stage, before joining the corporate ranks as a buyer for contemporary junior clothing of the Texas-based Department Store Sanger Harris.

In 1982, Harry left the wholesale business to totally concentrate on H.D.’s and in that same year the couple opened up their second store called H.D.s Women’s. This concept was again a high tech design but totally focused on the growing demands of the women’s’ high fashion market.

In 1986 after continued growth in both stores, Harry and Vicki traveled to Europe for the first time. From that one experience, the company’s concept and image would be changed forever. The combination of the pulse of the fashion direction in Europe, and in the individuality that it would offer, not only to their store but to their clientele was a driving force. Today 38 years later, H.D.’s for men and H.D.’s for women are close to 95% upcoming European cottage designers.

Harry and Vicki further sealed the fashion fate of their customers by limiting their purchases to 4 to 6 pieces per item, and increasing their number of trips to Europe to 5 times per year. This would allow their clientele to always wear something very unique with no chances that they would be seen out on the town with a repeated item.

H.D.’s has survived the rocky road of over retailing, outlet discount chains, stock market crashes, by maintaining an on the edge, high profile, superb customer respect and service by keeping their store’s image unique with defined European designer influence.

Then Along Came Michelle…

In 1989, after our daughter Michelle graduated from North Texas State with a degree in Fashion Design, she joined our company.  She worked her way through all phases of retailing, beginning as a floor stocker to eventually earning the position of our Store Manager.

Today she rounds out our buying team and is essential in all aspects of running H.D.’s. She knows every client on a first-name basis, earning our customers’ trust while stamping her own brand of style into our family business.

The world’s premium European fashion now available in Dallas, Texas

H.D.’s travels to Paris  5 times a year and communicates with their European resources on a daily basis checking on the seasonal trends and needs of our clients. We are committed to bringing you small cottage resources so that when you buy 1 piece out of the 5 that we committed to, there is no doubt your look is from H.D.’s.

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