As quoted by D magazine.. "The concrete floor and industrial strength Metro metal shelving felt edgy, un-Dallas and right. At HD's we were coaxed into cool stuff the DeMarco's had found in New York, urged to try on denims from Italy and France at price points we quickly rationalized as must-haves. Over the years the Demarco's have honed and phoned their customers with news of special pieces meant for specific tastes, never losing their edge. It's family. It's neighborhood, it's successful. And with so few hometown successes to grin about, it's nice to think of it as the future.

The Image Store: As quoted in Dallas Profiles.. "A contemporary store that's always on the edge. Always on the edge means the edge of fashion, and no other emporium can possibly be as current with trends as H.D.'s. The Demarco's will tell you that the fashion business does a flip every 30 days....London, Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam ...these are the principal fashion centers of Europe that supply H.D.'s. If you think that just because you're familiar with other fashion emporiums in the area, you'll know what to expect when you visit H.D's, you're wrong. H.D.'s Clothing Company has no equal in Dallas -- and possibly nowhere else."

The Internationally acclaimed Fashion Magazine Sportswear International chose HD's Clothing Company, in their "Who's Who" Edition, as one of the best independent specialty stores in the country continuously since the year 1984 till present 1999.

Voted Best Mens store for Dallas 1994 by the Dallas Observer. Quoted as saying... "For 14 years Harry and Vicki DeMarco have provided Dallas men sleek, cutting edge styles by designers such as Spontini, Diesel, Replay and Blue System. It's a small, hip, customer-service oriented store with a decided Soho flair.

The famous Men's contemporary designer, Allan Flusser, traveled the world compiling a list and visiting numerous shops to decide which best represented the profile for his book, "The Style and The Man". HD's Clothing company was chosen as one of the best mens specialty store in Dallas, Texas in 1996.


As quoted in Dallas observer 1999..."Among the societal decadence that has mass-produced such retail clones as The Gap, Banana Republic, and Structure, it is damn refreshing that there still exists a respite from the "celebrate your individuality by everyone looking the same" advertising paradox. That respite is formally known as HD's, on lower Greenville, and it stands for Harry DeMarco, the onetime rag salesman who has successfully carved out a niche for himself and his wife, Vicki, in the most cutthroat of industries: retail fashion. Though they look nothing like the "mom and pop" retailers of old, Vicki runs the stylishly hot retail store and Harry runs the trendy mens store. Both offer some of the most exciting threads in Dallas for the hip and just slightly hip. If you're lucky and become a regular like so many who shop there, Harry might even treat you to some of his authentic Borscht Belt humor-even though he's Italian.


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